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Whether you’re interested in trying out the sport for the first time or are looking to improve your skills in one you’re already involved in, Schball offers various classes for every level of experience. Join any of my courses to develop your skillset in a professional and positive environment, and start playing today.


These sessions offer a new and exciting approach to your coaching in basketball. I've developed modules, over a period of 10 years, to deliver sessions for drills and lessons to target all, from novice to advanced players. I know that practice makes perfect, but there is no perfect… so keep practising with me. Schedule a class today.


Novice to Advanced Intense Sessions are a great choice to improve your athletic performance. Through a strategic mix of theoretical and practical sessions participants become comfortable with the game both on and off the court. If you’re looking to elevate your game, and have fun, through Intense sessions then Schball is here for you.


Join us, our tournaments bring the best out of people. I offer tournaments all year-round for participants of any age and experience level. It’s a great opportunity for players to boost their performance, show sporting spirit meet new people. See for yourself why B1 Tournaments have been called festivals... and are always sold out.

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started”

Mark Twain


Basketball coaching

My professional experience and unique approach will provide a place where you can focus on developing your basketball skills. I personally work with each participant to help them achieve their individual athletic goals. I push but I also motivate. I identify what each participant is capable of; with my goal being to help them reach, then exceed, that potential.


A Little About Me

As a professional Basketball Development Coach, I believe in maintaining the quality of engagement throughout the most critical period of a players development - when your training!

The FUNdamentals

I've developed my own unique and effective coaching methods. I focus on getting your body and mind focused on the game and preparing you to compete against the best.


The Lighthouse, Aston B19 2LN

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Safer, smart and enjoyable sessions of the fundamentals of basketball FREE for all. Quailified and child protection coach staff to lead with safety checked equipment.

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